Router Rooter Part 2

Part one of this article demonstrated the viability of using a small form factor PC small, low cost, high performance, energy efficient firewall router for SOHO network. Components at hand constrained the project in several ways that are addressed in this chapter in the life of Rooter Router.

The first obvious place for improvement is the network cards. Dlink cards are not known for their performance whereas Intel cards are the preferred card of choice for FreeBSD systems like Rooter Router. The logs were filled with messages like "/kernel: sk0: watchdog timeout"

The next step in rooter router's evolution will be to install a compact flash to IDE adapter and change over from CD boot with floppy configuration to a compact flash based system and possibly replace the Dlink gigabit adapters with a pair of Intel dual port adapters. These, however, are left for a future time. Until then, rooter router will sit on the shelf rooting packets for the lab.

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