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Every one of us who builds our own systems have had to deal with things that don't work right. Some boards are incompatible with other boards. Some peripherals don't work quite right. Things go wrong. I have a box of IDE controllers I bought trying to solve the 504 MB limit on an old 486. I spent three times the price of upgrading the old motherboard to a Pentium motherboard with built in EIDE controller trying to get that old system to access higher capacity drives. We all learn from our own mistakes and have the option of learning from the mistakes of others.

This page provides links to sites on the net where other people evaluate PC system hardware. Most of them use advertising banners to fund their site. Some get evaluation hardware from equipment manufacturers, which is often 'select' gear. Others only evaluate equipment they purchase retail. All sites (including this one) will be biased based on the personal experience of the reviewer. Ultimately you the consumer must decide which product to purchase. It is not often that one product stands out as the product of choice. Most times there are compromises to make. The sites on this page are the ones I use when I make my own personal buying decisions.

The following sites offer what I consider to be good product reviews and sound advice. Readers are encouraged to compare recommendations from multiple sources before making any buying decision.

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